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    The Pro Plan gives you full access to everything we have and everything we know – as well as a completely customised, hand-coded, re-useable HTML email template, you also get all of our free email templates, graphics, advice and tips and tricks. You’ll have everything you need to run simple, successful email campaigns. On brand, on time, easily.

    ** Please try to supply us with as much detail about your company/business/project as possible so that we can speed up the whole process and ensure you get the best out of MailStrike. **

    What happens next:

    1. We review your application
    2. We get back to you asap with your login details
    3. We help you (if applicable)
    4. We help you import your subscriber lists
    5. We’ll upload your customised template
    6. You can start sending!

    When sending an email we let you choose your own “from address” so it appears as though the email is coming from you and your website. So rather than coming from MailStrike.co.uk it would come from yourcompanyname.com.

    Email authentication simply verifies that the email is in fact coming from you. The good thing is you don’t really need to understand this. We’ll sort it all for you :)